Pineapple Tart Recipe for CNY

Image via Kelly Siew Cooks

Another great looking recipe for the Chinese New Year cookies, or should I say pineapple tarts. These small pillows of goodies are made with checked marks to resembling the surface of a pineapple. And they do look pretty much like it. 

What I like about this recipe is that it has flaky and buttery pastry and the sweet but tangy pineapple puree. And the size and shape is just perfect to have them place in your mouth with no crumbs left wasted. Try them out for this season, I'm sure everyone will like these delicious addition on their munch list.

Cute Tube Pineapple Tarts

CNY pineapple tarts recipe

Don't you just love these cute tarts! Today feature on the CNY pineapple tarts special are from the blog Indochine Kitchen. I must said Jun (Indochine Kitchen Owner) did a really good job on presenting this delicious treat. Her method is very easy to hand-on and it is almost fail proof, even for newbie baker. I also like the way she layout the instructions, with big clear images that show every steps that capture the details.
From the list of ingredients, it texture seem like the kind my mum always made during CNY, those kind that when place in your mouth, the crust just crumble down and gracefully melted in your mouth and filled it with the robust flavor all over. It felt like heaven but in a small little biscuit size, ready to explode. All this really motivate me to get baking them right away, just to have them melted in my mouth. So give it a try, you wouldn't regret it.

Chinese New Year Pineapple Tarts

chinese new year pineapple tarts
Image and recipe: My Baking & Cooking. Passion

The Chinese New Year (Lunar New Year) will be arriving soon, so I thought it would be a good idea to start feature this delicious new year goodies again. For the next few week, you will be seeing a lot of them in this blog. However, I will present you with different types of it so you can decide on which to make for this season.

Today post will be a traditional pineapple tarts from My Baking & Cooking Passion. Said to be the traditional way because it is the most common method people have been making them in such shape since I don't even know when. The tart shells are roll flat to about half an inch thick and cut out with special cookie mold, that create a circular depression in the middle to house the pineapple puree ball. After that all we need is to bake and let them sit to cool. And they are ready for munching.

Christmas Bakewell Tart

Christmas Bakewell Tart
Image and recipe: Foodiz Life

Looking for an easy tart recipe for the holiday? The bakewell tarts which are originally made famous from the picturesque town of Bakewell in the Derbyshire Peak District. Delicious and easy to make, these tarts are truly the great British treat. To make it feel more like Christmas  coat the top with sugary graze and decorate with a red cherry.
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